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Our Impressions From SMX EAST 2017 (Turkish)

SMX East is world’s largest search engine marketing conference, full of expert-led SEO and SEM trainings for search marketers all around the globe.

In this (very first) episode, I sum up the 3-day conference and share my personal impressions and opinions on the speaker's keynotes, as well as point out some insights and takeaways.

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Show Notes

SMX Conference: marketinglandevents.com/smx/east/

Conference Presentations Day 1: www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketing…ged/smxeast17d1

Conference Presentations Day 2: www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketing…d/smxeast17d2/2

Conference Presentations Day 3: www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketing…ged/smxeast17d3

Our Most Favorite Presentation From Cisco: www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketing…ra-ann-mitchell

SEM Rush Ranking Factors: www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketing…-olga-andrienko

Halide Ebcinoğlu
24 Nov 2017

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