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SEO Talk With The One & Only Tech-and News SEO Barry Adams (English)

Barry Adams is a real tech-and-news SEO expert, regular speaker at top digital conferences, and founder of Polemic Digital.

In this episode, Barry gives us some SEO insights including his thoughts on the past and future of SEO, the most overhyped SEO myths, AI and Machine Learning, talks about his favorite SEO tools, and expresses his opinion on what a good SEO-person's winning skills should be.

iTunes link: SEO Talk With The One & Only Tech-and News SEO Barry Adams (English)

Show Notes

Polemic Digital: https://polemicdigital.com/

Barry Adams Digitalzone Presentation (February 2019): https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Barry Adams' Favorite Tools:

Google Search Console: https://search.google.com/sear...

DeepCrawl: https://www.deepcrawl.com/

Screaming Frog: https://www.screamingfrog.co.u...

Sistrix: https://www.sistrix.com/

PageSpeed Insights: https://developers.google.com/...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/badams

Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/barryadams

Şafak Ebcinoğlu
24 Oct 2018

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