Charity Work

Corporate Social Responsibility at Kubix Digital

Our values and work approach go hand in hand with our commitment to give something back and to make a difference in our community.

By this we are not meaning paying taxes and being honest or being environmentally minded. What we do is NGO event sponsorships and charitable giving.

Kubix Digital is very happy to partner with several charities including Adım Adım, Açık Açık, Koruncuk & KAÇUV. Sports activities like charity runs, social projects and mission work are strongly endorsed and supported by Kubix Digital’s founders.

We are proud to have an established history of working with organizations to help benefit young people, elderly people and those in need. Every year we are donating for our clients to charities and projects we support instead of fancy New Year’s gifts.

Consulting Services & Trainings

We offer our services for free to NGOs. These include organizing Google Ads, Analytics and SEO workshops. Charities can always have free consulting meetings with our team.

We feel passionate about the causes we represent, whether large or small, international or local.

Google Grants For Nonprofits & Charities

What most charities don’t know is that they are entitled to a free grant from Google.

Currently we are running $10,000/month campaigns for our favorite charities and we believe that every charity should use this & we are here to help you with it!

If you are a registered charity and need some help with your Google Advertising campaigns, please contact us with some information about the work you do. We’d love to support you!