Çiçek Özgenal

Digital Marketer

Çiçek is, just like her name (it means "flower"), a real nature-lover, and has a free-spirit. Whenever she gets a chance, she is out camping or traveling around with her friends. She is a positive, energetic, joyful, sweet, talkative, curious girl that gets super excited when she has good ideas; so excited that she won’t stop talking about it. Another passion of her is photography, a family inheritance for her which she would love to carry on. Çiçek enjoys taking black and white, old-school style photos and printing them in the dark room.

In 2017 Çiçek graduated from her Business Administration bachelor’s degree, with a major in Marketing concentrating on Advertising, at Yeditepe University. She chose for a career in digital marketing based on her love of creativeness. Prior to Kubix, Çiçek worked at IBM Global Business Services as an intern where she managed multiple customer accounts.

Çiçek's Posts

Your Video Ranking on Google and YouTube Might Differ From Each Other

Wondering how to increase the rank of your videos on YouTube and Google? I compare the YouTube & Google-ranking systems, and explain YouTube SEO steps

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03 May 2018