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Gökay Pehlivan

Digital Marketer

Gökay is the kind of guy you would want to introduce to your family. He is a very friendly, hard working person that always strives to get the best out of himself. He likes to stay updated by following the latest news and trends. In his free time, you can find Gökay hanging around in the gym, he absolutely l-o-v-e-s it! It wouldn’t surprise you if we tell that he is a great sports supporter as well. Also he enjoys listening to new songs and playing it with his guitar, watching epic movies and series; especially Game of Thrones, and from time-to-time he could turn into a game monster, playing countless games on his PlayStation.

Gökay graduated in 2013 at Kocaeli University, with a major in International Relations. Before joining Kubix in August 2017, he operated his own e-commerce business for one and half year and worked as an e-commerce operations and marketing specialist at an online retailer for another one and half year.

Gökay Pehlivan's Posts

5 Psychological Tips to Write Outstanding Google Ad Texts

The Search ad text is the first contact with your potential customer - but how do you get the searcher to click on your ad? Here are my 5 tips.

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Gökay Pehlivan
27 May 2019