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Halide Ebcinoğlu

Co-Founder - @HalideEbcinoglu (Twitter)

Halide aka Holly, is a real coffee-lover and can’t start her day with her daily caffeine intake. At Kubix, everybody feel like her little kittens as she is mentoring, advising and leading everybody with care. She lives and dies with Search; we can say she is a real Search scientist.

Halide worked at Google Dublin before she has co-founded her own Search Agency. She is mainly based in the Kubix Digital Berlin office where she manages Google Ads campaigns and giving SEO consultancy for international clients. She is also in the judging panel of the UK Search Awards and manages the Women.Digital Community to empower women working in the online marketing industry.

In her free time, Halide hangs out with her family and enjoys spending time outside in nature. Although she doesn’t like airplanes, travelling is one of her passions, too.

Halide Ebcinoğlu's Posts

Local Search Strategies in SEO & SEM

Major local search tactics are not that hard to apply but there is a lot of detailed work behind it which I want to point out in the following post.

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27 May 2019

Winning Search Marketing Strategies In Declining Economies

In economic downtimes, a clear Search Marketing strategy can help companies to survive. Here are some proven tactics and tips.

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08 May 2019

AdWords Attribution: Who Is Gonna Be Google’s Next Top Model?

Attribution modeling enables advertisers to reallocate conversion credit using alternate models. Let's have a deeper look.

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06 Mar 2018

Nominated For Agency Of The Year By Search Engine Land

Internationally recognized program honors excellence in digital marketing among the world’s top marketers.

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13 Sep 2017