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İrem Yılmaz

Digital Marketer

İrem graduated from Yıldız Technical University in February 2017 and her major was Economics. After her graduation, she joined Kubix Digital in September 2017.

In her senior year at university, she had to write two different theses. The first thesis was about Advertising and Capitalism that was based on Karl Marx's theories. She used to work as a copywriter those days and she thought that if she would write something which was related to her job, it would be more real and make the graduation process fun.

The second thesis was about the Economics of Happiness. We think that this topic wasn’t a coincidence; it is too obvious that İrem believe in happiness and lovingly does optimization according to user behavior at Kubix Digital.

İrem has started writing since she was a child. We guess that's why she can produce content on every subject she observes in a very short time. Cartooning and storytelling are the other specialties that she enjoys doing.

İrem likes to try coffees with different tastes in every country and every city she visits. To make her happy, you can send funny raccoon videos or offer to watch the Harry Potter series together every summer.

To get to know İrem better, you can read our short interview with her.

İrem Yılmaz's Posts

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