İrem Yılmaz

Digital Marketer

İrem has a very creative brain, we can say. She can create stories out of everything; even if she is just observing things, loves to draw sketches and wrote an unpublished book. When we say İrem, we say coffee. For some reason, it looks like she is always walking around with a coffee cup in her hands. She loves to try different coffee tastes in her free time and collects coffee cups from all around the world. When we say İrem, we also say raccoons and Harry Potter. She has this tradition to watch all HP movies, one after another, during summer; wanna join?

İrem studied Economics at Yildiz Technical University and graduated in February 2017. She started working for Kubix in September 2017 where she, of course, comes up with the most awesome creative ideas for the company and our clients.

İrem's Posts

Meet Jolien Storteler - Kubixer Interview Series

This is Jolien; a friendly, helpful & motivated Kubixer! Find out what nerdy things she enjoys, her favorite remote work spot, her bucket list & more.

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05 Jul 2019

SEO for User Intent 101

People ask, People answer, People want to get answers, And you know what? People search. Yes, we search. And we LOVE it.

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26 Oct 2018

Effects of YouTube Ads on a Potential Customer

I’m a YouTube user and my 4-year-old nephews are too. We are the user and we have a potential that makes every single one of us turn into a customer.

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19 Sep 2018

Let’s Talk About The History of Google In An Enjoyable Informative Way

It was not love at first sight, but Larry Page and Sergey Brin found their common points and came together. To get more details, read now.

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27 Aug 2018