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Pınar Ünsal

Co-Founder - @kubixpinki (Twitter)

Meet Pınar, one of the co-founders of Kubix Digital.

Pınar, with more than 14 years’ experience in Search Engine Marketing, is also a very creative person, who loves to plan and organize events. Making and seeing others happy, makes her even happier! In fact, you will hardly ever see her upset, she always has a big smile on her face.

In all Googel Ads, HR or organizational issues, she is the commander in chief. And if you ever need any interesting ideas, be sure to consult Pınar first; she always comes up with the most creative suggestions.

Throughout her career she has participated as a guest speaker at various universities, meetups & conferences internationally. Besides this, she is a judge for the US Search Awards, the Interactive Marketing Awards and the International Performance Marketing Awards.

She is an Ex-Googler & was part of the ‘landing crew’ heading up Google’s Turkey office back in 2006.

Pınar is also now very actively promoting her new project Women.Digital, a network of women working in the Digital Industry that can help each other to solve problems and find solutions through connecting with the latest tools, brands, businesses, employers, startups and so on within Istanbul and the rest of the world.

Outside of work, she loves to bake, cook, run, mountain bike, travel and being active in charity projects.

Pınar Ünsal's Posts

How to Survive The Month of April in Quarantine - Help Others & Develop Yourself to Come Out Of This Even Stronger Than Before!

I want to share a sum up of everything I came across lately, mostly related to the search industry. It's all free stuff to survive the Covid-19-April.

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Pınar Ünsal
31 Mar 2020

BrightonSEO September 2019 - A Speaker’s Journey

I want to encourage other first-time public speakers to ‘just do it’ and make it happen. Read more about my speaking adventure at BrightonSEO here.

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Pınar Ünsal
18 Sep 2019

Remote Working for a week at Kubix Digital - a MUST Read for all Digital Nomads of the Future

Flexible Working as a trial - Here is how we planned it & how it all went. Read more on our Digital Nomad Experiment at Kubix Digital

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Pınar Ünsal
10 Sep 2018

Kuby – Our Inspirational Team Member

We want to dedicate this post to Grand Kubilay vom Masurenweg, AKA Kuby, who was born on 30.10.2002 and gave his last breath on 30.12.2017.

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Pınar Ünsal
02 Jan 2018