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Serdar Usta

Digital Director

Meet Serdar, our Mr. Know-It-All, a real Brainiac. No question will be left unanswered with him around. Try, you can ask him anything, really anything! He has a wide range of knowledge and interests of which technology is his favorite. He is a sports fan, cinephile, coffee addict, serious music listener and avid reader; in fact, he even has his own home-library with 1000+ books. He likes to keep himself updated and learns continuously.

Serdar achieved his bachelor degree at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2001 and later completed two master studies till 2004 at Istanbul Işık University and Istanbul Technical University. After graduating he worked for a Germany-based exhibition organization as an IT coordinator, managing both IT structure and the digital marketing of exhibitions. He joined Kubix in 2010 where he is responsible for the company’s own SEO and digital marketing strategies.

Serdar Usta's Posts

Quick Tips: What To Check Periodically In Your Backlinks

It's easy to forget the health of your hard earned backlinks. That's why I will share with you 5 important tips, when making a backlink health check.

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Serdar Usta
28 Jan 2020

Quick Tips: How To Use cURL For Technical SEO

The curl command is used by developers, to get or send data using URL syntax. In this quick tips, I will tell you how I use curl for technical SEO.

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Serdar Usta
17 Oct 2019

Quick Tips: How To Reduce Spam and Bot Hits in Google Analytics

We all know, spam is a huge problem. That's why we'd like to share how you can reduce spam and bot hits in Google Analytics, in just 5 steps.

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Serdar Usta
01 Oct 2019

Quick Tips: To Increase Website Conversions, Which A/B Tests Should I Run?

In the first edition of our 'quick tips'-series, we are recommending 5 easy A/B tests to optimize your web pages for conversions.

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Serdar Usta
26 Sep 2019