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Serdar Usta

Digital Director

Meet Serdar, our Mr. Know-It-All, a real Brainiac. No question will be left unanswered with him around. Try, you can ask him anything, really anything! He has a wide range of knowledge and interests of which technology is his favorite. He is a sports fan, cinephile, coffee addict, serious music listener and avid reader; in fact, he even has his own home-library with 1000+ books. He likes to keep himself updated and learns continuously.

Serdar achieved his bachelor degree at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2001 and later completed two master studies till 2004 at Istanbul Işık University and Istanbul Technical University. After graduating he worked for a Germany-based exhibition organization as an IT coordinator, managing both IT structure and the digital marketing of exhibitions. He joined Kubix in 2010 where he is responsible for the company’s own SEO and digital marketing strategies.

Serdar Usta's Posts

How To Become Better At Project Management For SEO

In this post I try to highlight the most important SEO project issues, and give tips & tricks on how you can become better at SEO project management.

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24 Apr 2019

9 Free SEO Extensions (Chrome) That I Use In My Daily SEO & Analytics Workflow

I want to share with you several of my favorite Chrome extensions. These extensions help me in making SEO, UX or Analytics website audits.

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09 Jan 2019

AWR Cloud: Advanced Web Ranking Tool Review

Let us introduce AWR Cloud: a robust, powerful SEO tool we enjoy working with. Find out about the most important and useful functions in our review.

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22 Jan 2018

10 Google Analytics Checklist Items For A Healthy Data Analysis

Here Are 10 Checklist Items For Your Google Analytics Account For A Healthy Data. Don't Miss The Bonus Tip.

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30 Jun 2017