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Data Analysis

At Kubix Digital, we are passionate about making your data work for you

Our Analytics Approach

We know all the details when it comes to measurement planning with Google Analytics and our knowledge makes the data work for you. As proper installation and configuration is crucial to your ability to make decisions that directly impact your business, we make sure that your data is accurate.

Our ongoing measurement consultancy and implementation allow us to become an extension of your marketing or business intelligence teams, providing regular consulting to turn data into actionable insight.

We have a keen eye when it comes to uncovering ways to increase your profits. Many companies have Google Analytics, but often people don't have sufficient time in their day to really look at the data. This means important trends, issues and useful information can often get missed.

We can show you every point on your customer’s journey and help you understand what it all means. If we can measure it, we can use it.

How We Do Analytics

We offer you a broad range of services to help you get the most out of your data. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, data is key for every business. Our Analytics Consultancy service includes:

Advanced Tracking Implementation

Site-wide Google Analytics Audit

Measurement Planning

Custom Attribution Modeling

Data Analysis

Consulting and Training

What Makes Us Different

We’re experts on data and analysis.

We can answer key questions to help you make the right marketing decisions, because we live and die with Digital Marketing.

We love analytics. We also love return on investment. Terms like ROI, ROAS, Revenue, Transactions, and Conversions come first in our Kubix Digital Dictionary.

Let Kubix Digital make sure that you are collecting the data you need to improve your ROI. It’s time to connect the dots and find out what your missing X is for your success.

Our Case Studies

Integrated Case Study

Analytics Case Study

PPC Case Study

Integrated Case Study

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